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What should you ask your potential wedding photographer?

Many congratulations on your engagement! There are so many things to do when planning a wedding, so it can be a bit overwhelming. One important item is choosing your photographer. Your wedding day will be amazing and will leave you with so many memories. One thing to help preserve all these memories will be your photos. This is why it is so important to choose a photographer that you trust to capture your day.

It is important to think about the style of photos that you want to have. I always encourage couples to think about this, as these photos will be around forever for you to remember your wedding. You should love them just as much in ten years as you love them now.

Another thing to keep in mind is how you get along with your photographer. I always like to have at least a video call with all my potential couples before booking. Your photographer will be with you the entire wedding day - almost an extension of your bridal party! Therefore you should make sure that you like them also as a person and you will get along well.

In addition to these things, here are some specific questions you can ask your potential photographer as you are getting to know them.

What is your approach to photography?

Every photographer will have a different approach to how they will photograph your day. Some will favour candids, some will favour most posed images. Some will try to stay as hidden as possible during the ceremony and not get too close, and some will love the close ups and walk right up to you during the ceremony. There is no right or wrong - of course it is all subjective! The most important thing is to make sure you and your photographer are on the same page so there are no surprises the day of the wedding.

Tuscany wedding photographer, a sunny outdoor ceremony in Tuscany, Italy

Ask to see a full gallery - if you have not seen one on their website

With the world of Instagram, it can sometimes be tricky to see a full wedding day from a photographer. Most photographers will have full wedding days on their websites, but if not, you can always ask to see one! This is important because you want to see the types of photos that they take over different parts of the day. For example: getting ready indoors, first look, ceremony, family photos, couple photos, candids, reception/evening photos. Photographers will have different approaches and styles to taking photos indoors or at night, so you want to make sure you like those photos as well.

Saint Prex Switzerland wedding photographer, summer wedding on Lake Geneva a late night kiss

What is their editing style?

All photographers will edit their photos in a different way. So you will want to make sure that first, you like their editing style. The majority of photographers will not be able to change their editing on request. So make sure you love how they edit! Second, check that the editing style is consistent across different lighting scenarios but also across different weddings. You want to be confident with how your wedding photos will turn out, and not have it be a surprise how they will be edited.

Of course, different lighting will have an impact on the final image. For example, a sunny day will look slightly different than a cloudy day or snowy day. But they should still look consistent and cohesive.

Thun wedding photographer, Schloss Oberhofen Switzerland summer wedding

What is their back up approach?

Another good question to ask your potential photographer is how safe your photos will be! Most professional cameras will have two memory card slots, so the photos are duplicated when shooting. This way, if one card fails there is a backup.

Most photographers will also make copies of the photos on different hard drives/cloud service before they deliver the final images. Also worth a question is how the photos will be delivered to you, and how long the photographer will keep them as well.

Zurich wedding photographer, summer wedding on Lake Zurich, in Horgen Switzerland

What is included in their fee?

This one should be outlined in their pricing guide, but it's always good to follow up just in case. For example: travel, hotel stays, how many images will be delivered, if guests have access to the images, etc.

Wengen wedding photographer, summer wedding in Wengen Switzerland

Do they offer prints or albums?

It is so important to print your photos! Many photographers will offer album service and prints/framed pictures. You can ask their approach to this, and also how much it costs.

Zurich Wedding photographer, fall wedding in Zurich Switzerland

Do they help with timeline and scheduling?

Most photographers will be so happy if you ask their input on the wedding day schedule! We love it when you think about the photos when you do your timeline. For example, if the first look/couple photos is in the middle of the day, it's always great to plan even 15-20min during golden how to sneak away for a few more photos.

For elopements, some photographers will also help with scheduling the day and planning around the locations/train schedules etc. Ask if this is something they offer in their pricing.

Bergün wedding photographer, a first look in Bergün Switzerland at Kurhaus Bergün

What is their approach to light?

This will vary from photographer to photographer, especially within different photography genres. But it's always good to ask as the approach will have a dramatic impact on the final outcome of the images. Front lit vs back lit will for example change the shadows on the faces, but also the colours of the photo.

what to ask your wedding photographer

Still have questions? Reach out any time to chat!


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