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What is the best season to get married in Switzerland?

Brace yourselves for a love-filled journey through the seasons in Switzerland. Whether you're dreaming of a mountain retreat or a cityscape celebration, let's explore the magic each season brings to your special day. Deciding on the time of year for their celebration is one of my most received questions from clients! All four seasons bring something different and all have their special charm.

couple elopes at Hotel Villa Honegg in the winter months


 Wrap yourselves in the magic of winter as Swiss mountains transform into snow-covered wonderlands. A winter wedding in the heart of the alps creates an intimate atmosphere for your special day. With so many beautiful mountains there are so many options for your mountain top wedding or elopement. Zermatt is always a favourite of mine as well as with clients, and other areas such as St. Moritz in Graubünden, and Grindelwald in the Berner Oberland never disappoint.

Winter in the Swiss cities is stunning as well! With few tourists, the streets are quiet compared to the summer months. One thing to keep in mind - there is always a chance of rain over snow depending on the current weather. Umbrella photos anyways always turn out to be favourites!

couple gets married in Zurich, Switzerland on a warm spring day


Immerse yourself in the charm of spring as the Swiss Alps come alive with blooming flowers and fresh mountain breezes. Picture saying your vows surrounded by nature's vibrant colours, a perfect backdrop for a love that blossoms with each passing moment.


There's always a slightly higher chance of rain compared to the summer months, but the beautiful lush, green landscapes provide a stunning backdrop no matter what. In the cities, spring provides the perfect summer days before it gets really hot.


As the sun paints the Swiss landscape with warmth, let's explore the magic of summer – a season that turns Switzerland into a paradise for lovers. Whether you're drawn to the peaks or the streets, summer in Switzerland is an enchanting chapter waiting to be written.

couple says their vows during an elopement in Zermatt, Switzerland in the summer sun

Summer in the Swiss Alps is a spectacle of nature's grandeur. Picture a wedding ceremony amidst blooming alpine meadows, with the towering peaks standing tall as witnesses. The Swiss Alps in summer offer a canvas of romance, with each moment framed by the breathtaking beauty of nature.


Not a mountain person? No worries! Swiss cities beckon with their own charm in the summer sun. From the lively streets of Zurich to the tranquil shores of Lake Geneva, your urban love story unfolds against the backdrop of cityscapes bathed in golden hues. Dive into the vibrant culture and urban elegance that make Swiss cities the perfect summer backdrop for your celebration.


As the leaves turn to warm hues, find yourselves embraced by the cozy ambiance of mountain retreats. Picture a rustic-chic ceremony against the backdrop of golden landscapes, creating memories that reflect the warmth and richness of your love.


Grindelwald is always a great idea in autumn! The state of Graubünden is also famous for it's stunning fall colours - so check out St. Moritz for some inspiration.

engagement photoshoot in Grindelwald, Switzerland during the autumn

No matter the season, Switzerland offers a tapestry of landscapes to paint your love story.


Reach out anytime for more location ideas!

 Wishing you a wonderful week ahead.


Much love,


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