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Graubünden: The Hidden Gem of Switzerland for your Wedding or Elopement

Nestled within the heart of Switzerland lies a secret waiting to be discovered by couples seeking a wedding destination that epitomizes romance and natural splendor. Graubünden, a hidden gem within the Swiss landscape, beckons with its pristine beauty and serene landscapes, making it an idyllic setting for couples looking to exchange vows in a truly enchanting atmosphere. As a wedding photographer, exploring the unique charm of Graubünden has been an unforgettable journey, and in this blog post, we unravel the captivating allure of four exquisite locations - Lenzerheide, St Moritz and Muottas Muragl, Lai da Palpuogna and Bergün, as well as the mesmerizing Crestasee.


Nestled amidst the Grison Alps, Lenzerheide presents a picturesque canvas for couples seeking a tranquil yet sophisticated wedding experience. The shimmering lakes and lush alpine meadows provide a dreamlike backdrop for exchanging vows. Whether it's a cozy celebration in a rustic chalet or an open-air ceremony surrounded by panoramic mountain views, Lenzerheide invites couples to embrace the beauty of nature while declaring their love in an intimate setting. As a wedding photographer, capturing the pure moments of joy against this alpine haven is an artful delight.

Bride in Lenzerheide, Switzerland with mountain views

St. Moritz

Renowned for its world-class glamour and refined elegance, St Moritz stands as a beacon of sophistication in the heart of the Engadin valley. This iconic resort town, nestled beside the azure waters of Lake St Moritz, offers a blend of alpine charm and luxury. Picture a winter wonderland wedding with snow-kissed landscapes or a summer affair graced by the golden hues of the Engadin valley. St Moritz provides a luxurious stage where couples can craft a wedding experience that reflects their unique style, creating memories that are as timeless as the surrounding peaks.

Bride and groom overlooking St Moritz Switzerland

Muottas Muragl

For couples seeking a wedding that ascends to new heights, Muottas Muragl offers an ethereal mountaintop experience. Perched atop the Engadin valley, this vantage point provides a breathtaking panorama of the surrounding peaks, valleys, and the glimmering lakes below. A wedding at Muottas Muragl is a poetic dance with nature, as the changing hues of the sky mirror the emotions of the day. As a wedding photographer, the challenge and reward lie in capturing the intimate moments against this panoramic masterpiece, ensuring that every frame narrates a love story as vast and timeless as the mountainous expanse.

viewpoint from Muottas Muragl

Lai da Palpuogna

Nestled like a sapphire jewel in the heart of Graubünden, Lai da Palpuogna is an enchanting alpine lake that exudes an ethereal charm, creating an idyllic setting for a romantic celebration. Surrounded by the towering peaks of the Albula Range, this hidden gem offers couples a canvas of reflection, where the azure waters mirror the grandeur of the mountains. A wedding at Lai da Palpuogna is a dance of colors, from the vibrant greens of the surrounding forests to the cerulean blue of the lake, providing a picturesque backdrop for moments of love and commitment.

bride and groom at Lai da Palpuogna, Switzerland


Tucked away in the cozy embrace of the Albula Valley, Bergün unfolds like a storybook village, radiating a quaint charm that captures the essence of Swiss mountain culture. With its winding cobblestone streets, charming chalets, and the majestic peaks that cradle the village, Bergün is a captivating setting for couples seeking an intimate celebration with a touch of rustic elegance. The historic architecture provides a picturesque backdrop for wedding ceremonies, while the alpine meadows surrounding Bergün offer endless possibilities for postcard-perfect photographs. As a wedding photographer, the intimate connection between the couple and the timeless village of Bergün unfolds through the lens, creating a visual love story that transcends the boundaries of time.

In the heart of Graubünden, where each corner reveals a new facet of natural beauty, Lai da Palpuogna and Bergün stand as testament to the diverse tapestry of romantic possibilities. Whether against the serene backdrop of the alpine lake or within the charming embrace of Bergün's village streets, these locations beckon couples to embark on a journey of love amidst the captivating landscapes of Switzerland's hidden treasure.

couple walking in Graubünden, Switzerland


Tucked away like a hidden gem within Graubünden, Crestasee is a small, emerald-green lake surrounded by lush forests. The tranquility of this natural haven lends itself to intimate elopements and small gatherings. Imagine exchanging vows on the shores of Crestasee, with the reflections of your love rippling across the crystal-clear waters. As a wedding photographer, the simplicity and purity of moments captured in this secluded paradise tell a story that transcends the ordinary, making Crestasee a truly enchanting choice for couples seeking an intimate connection with nature.

couple kissing at Crestasee, Switzerland

In the heart of Graubünden, every spot tells its own story, creating a patchwork of memories that couples will cherish forever. Whether you're soaking up the glitz in St Moritz or kicking back in the peaceful vibes of Crestasee, Graubünden invites lovebirds to paint their unique love story against a canvas of everlasting beauty.

I would love to help you plan your dream wedding or elopement in Graubünden! Reach out here.

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