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What to Wear to your Family or Maternity Photoshoot

What to wear to your photoshoot. *Sigh*. This is often the hardest part of planning your family or maternity photoshoot. It is though, rather important! This is because the clothing choices can greatly impact the final look of your photos.

I recommend my clients stick to neutral and simple colours for their photoshoot. This could be: white, beige, cream, grey, light brown, pale pink among others! My aim is always that the photos focus on the emotions, the love, and the interactions between the people and not what they are wearing.

Long dresses are great for maternity photoshoots. They are always really romantic and are great for movement and showing off the baby bump.

what to wear to your maternity photoshoot Switzerland

Often times, outdoor photos in Switzerland are filled with mountains, lakes and lots of green. Neutral clothing choices helps to not distract from the natural beauty in the background. Since this background likely has lots of different colours, it compliments really well when you are wearing something more neutral.

The same suggestions also apply to family photos. Trying to get multiple outfits to coordinate can be intimidating, and sticking to the neutral and simple colours rule always works really well! These types of colours look really nice together, and you don't have one pulling focus from the rest.

what to wear to your maternity photoshoot Switzerland

Depending on the location and time of year, don't be afraid to coordinate with your surroundings! This stunning orange dress matches perfectly with the orange fall leaves here in Switzerland. And the orange colours within the husband's shirt also work really well. What helps keep this image light and airy is the white shirt underneath the jacket and the light jeans. The long, flowy element of the dress also aid to this look.

Still have questions? Reach out any time to chat about your outfits for your upcoming photoshoot!


About me:

My name is Brianna and I am a Switzerland photographer specialising in weddings, families, and maternity. I love natural light photography and capturing all life's candid moments. I believe your photos should be timeless and last a lifetime.

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