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What to Wear for your Engagement Photos

Congratulations on planning your wedding and engagement photos! This is such an exciting time, but planning your outfits can definitely be a bit overwhelming. I have put together some tips I share with all my couples, because your outfits will have an impact on the final look of your images.

There are many things to keep in mind: types of clothing, colours, backdrops, environment and the different seasons.

engagement photoshoot in Lenzerheide, Switzerland, what to wear to your engagement photoshoot

To start, long dresses are always a good idea! They are great for showing movement and emotion within the photos. Whether this is movement through walking, or a light breeze causing some movement as well. I find they also have a very soft and romantic feel as well. Which always works great with engagement photos.

Regarding colours, I usually will also recommend something neutral. This could be: white, beige, cream, grey, light brown, pale pink among others! My aim is always that the photos focus on the emotions, the love, and the interactions between the people and not what they are wearing. It is also much easier to choose outfits to match with your partner when they are both quite neutral. For example, the bride here is wearing a skirt with some small polka dots. This works perfectly within the photos, because the groom is not wearing any different and competing patterns. His jean jacket goes great with the slight pattern and her white t-shirt.

Matching the scenery, especially here in Switzerland, will also impact the photos. This is also true for the different seasons!

It helps to think about the backdrop for your photos when choosing your outfits. In the first image, the light blue and white match perfectly with the different greens in the grass and trees. It keeps the image light and airy while at the same time your eye is drawn to the sweet couple. The background adds to the photo, rather than distracts from it.

In the winter image, the background is mostly white and blue. So the tan coats provide an amazing contract to really make the couple pop from the background. Both of these examples also show how neutrals colours will always be a great choice!

engagement photoshoot Crestasee Switzerland, what to wear to your engagement photos

In this example, the dark green of the dress works quite perfectly! As mentioned above, I would normally recommend neutral colours. I bet now you a bit confused on my message! However, I knew we would be doing this photoshoot in the fall with the deep colours of the trees and lake being the backdrop. So when we discussed outfits over the phone I knew a green dress like this would be amazing!

Still have questions? Reach out any time to chat about your outfits for your upcoming photoshoot!


Switzerland wedding photographer Brianna Vögeli Photography

About me:

My name is Brianna and I am a Switzerland photographer specialising in weddings, families, and maternity. I love natural light photography and capturing all life's candid moments. I believe your photos should be timeless and last a lifetime.

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