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Seven Tips for Planning a Destination Wedding

Planning a destination wedding can be a bit overwhelming to start. Planning a whole wedding at home is a lot, so planning one from abroad is a whole other thing . Here are some tips to help you get started!

planning a destination wedding, couple cheers in Zermatt

Start Early:

Begin the planning process well in advance to secure the best venues, vendors, and accommodations. Popular destination wedding locations can book up quickly, so early planning is crucial.

planning a destination wedding, Tuscany wedding venue

Research Local Laws and Requirements:

Each destination has its own legal requirements for marriage. Research and understand the necessary paperwork, permits, and any residency requirements to ensure a smooth and legal ceremony. Many couples will have a small legal ceremony in their home country, before the symbolic ceremony at the destination wedding. 

planning a destination wedding, couple walks in Tuscany

Hire a Local Wedding Planner:

Consider hiring a local wedding planner who knows the area well. They can provide invaluable insights, recommend reliable vendors, and navigate any language or cultural barriers.

planning a destination wedding, couple embrace in Zermatt in front of the matterhorn

Inform Guests Early:

Destination weddings require more advanced notice for guests. Give them ample time to make travel arrangements, take time off work, and budget for the trip. Create a wedding website with travel information and local attractions.

destination wedding planning, couple elope in Switzerland in the snow

Weather Considerations:

Research the weather patterns of your destination during the chosen wedding date. This will help you plan for appropriate attire, as well as contingency plans for unexpected weather conditions. For instance, some areas might be too hot in the summer months, and would be more enjoyable in September. 

planning a destination wedding, table set up in Tuscany

Visit the Location in Advance:

Whenever possible, visit the destination in advance to scout venues, meet with vendors, and get a feel for the local atmosphere. It will help you make informed decisions and visualize the details.

 planning a destination wedding, couple says their vows in Zermatt in front of the matterhorn

Provide Local Experiences:

Incorporate local elements into your wedding to give guests a unique experience. Whether it’s local cuisine, cultural traditions, or scenic backdrops, make the destination a memorable part of the celebration.

destination wedding planning, couple elope in Switzerland in the snow

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