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Five wedding tips for brides

Speaking from experience and planning my own wedding, I know there's sooo much that goes into planning the perfect day! From dress shopping, to picking out invitations, choosing a venue, flowers, food, it seems like non stop planning and organizing. Sometimes the smaller details are forgotten in all this planning! To help, here are some of my top five tips that you may be forgetting!

1. Invest in some heel stoppers for grass pictures

In case your lovely venue has some grass areas, it's always a good idea to invest in some heel stoppers. This will make sure that when you're walking around on all the grass your beautiful new heels won't sink it!

2. Collect all details for your photographer ahead of time

There's a lot going on when everyone is getting ready! It helps a lot when you have all your details ready to go when the photographer arrives. This way, they can start organizing and photographing all your beautiful details and you can focus on getting ready and hanging out with your girls. It also helps that you don't forget to grab something in the moment, so you an ensure everything you want is photographed.

Five tips for brides - accessories for detail images

3. Write out in advance a list of all the groupings for family photos

Whether you have a big family or a small family, this is a must! Even twenty people can get out of hand really quickly when there's so many small changes. Having a list prepared, and a helper to collect all the groups for the photographer, does two important things. First, it keeps everything moving so you don't spend forever trying to get family photos done. Second, it ensures you don't forget someone special! In the moment with so many groups, it's really easy to just forget one!

group photos list - 5 wedding tips for brides

4. Allow more time for hair and makeup than you think

This is especially important if all your bridesmaids are getting ready with you! This can always take more time than you think, and it's not fun for anyone when you begin rushing through the last couple girls trying to stay on time. It's just much more relaxing when you don't have to rush! You can chat, have a drink, take photos getting into your dress, all without worrying about the timeline.

5. Test out your shoes and dress before the big day

Cannot recommend this one enough! Depending on your timeline, you could be wearing those shoes and dress for 10+ hours! That's a long time - so you really want to make sure you are comfortable. Wear your shoes around the house, to dance lessons, or anywhere else you feel comfortable. The dress is a bit more tricky in case you don't want your significant other to see you before the big day. At the very least, make sure you are comfortable sitting in a chair!

test out your shoes and dress before the wedding - five tips for brides


Switzerland wedding photographer

About me:

My name is Brianna and I am a Switzerland wedding photographer available for weddings all over the country and Europe. I love natural light photography and capturing all life's candid moments. I believe your wedding photos should be timeless and last a lifetime.

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Hi, I'm Brianna

A Switzerland wedding and portrait photographer, available all over Europe and worldwide. 

My goal is always to always create photos that are classic and timeless. 


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